Our Factory

Marmo Meccanica S.p.A. was established in Jesi in 1973. In it there come together the experiences of its charter members, who have been already in the field of precision mechanics since 25 years and more, and in the field of marble since 10 years.

Until 2003 the Company has been parallelly operating in the two fields: mechanics (planning and building of machinery for the stone industry) and marble (manufacturing and marketing of the above mentioned industry). Since January 2003, further to a process of supply-productive rationalization, Marmo Meccanica S.p.A. has exclusively been dealing with the mechanical activity, while the marble processing has been carried on by the distinct Company CP I Bizantini.

This double activity of manufacturers and, at the same time, of users (being then the first inspectors of our machines) deeply characterizes our planning and structural philosophy, which is marked by the greatest simplicity in use and maintenance.

Marmo Meccanica is principally specialized in the manufacturing of two kind of machinery: EDGE POLISHING and BRIDGE CUTTING MACHINES. The diversification in the specialization is our strength, the reason why we can offer a broad range of models of the same type. These models are advanced and constantly updated, able to satisfy the different and changeable market demands, with an ever-better relationship between quality and price.

The products of Marmo Meccanica are widespread in all the greatest industrialized areas of the world. They are distributed through a network of agents and dealers, who are assisted by specialized technical centres of service.

In accordance with the destination markets, our machines are manufactured in conformity with the European Machinery Directive (CE brand), or the UL set of rules, for which, in 2003, we obtained the certification (first company in the world in our field of working).

At present our team is composed of about 40 persons operating in a quality system according to VISION 2000 (ISO 9001) set of rules. Through the same criteria we directly manage the considerable out-sourcing supplying.

Where We Are

With machines in every one of the 50 states and all provinces in Canada, you could say that we are everywhere! But we really want to be where you are! Call us or any one of our references to find out the benefits of our equipment and how Marmo can help you take your fabrication shop to the next level!

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