LCR is a special, line polisher for flat edges. Indeed, compared to other machines of the same kind, it can round and polish the two corners of a flat edge, besides chamfering them at 45° as all other machines can normally do. Flat edge at 90° with the rounding of the two corners is a kind of processing more and more required, especially in certain markets. So far just torus polishers, both with belt and stationary bench, have carried out this kind of processing. However, those machines are rather slow as for this kind of profile (much slower compared than flat edge with chamfering or completely rounded edges). On the contrary LCR can perform the above profile as fast as polishing machines for flat edge can do, and better than torus polishers, even on “difficult” materials, such as agglomerates. Besides the facing-polishing mandrels, LCR is also supplied with two units of three counter-oscillating mandrels each, that carry out travels of about 90° through an original and innovative mechanism planned by MM. That mechanism generates a natural, harmonious motion. It makes the masses of the two oscillating units balance out each other (and the reversing stresses compensate), thus allowing high oscillating frequencies. Alternatively, the two units of mandrels can be used in a static way (opposed at 45°), thus performing “classic” chamfering. LCR can be supplied with all the attachments available for other edge-polishing machines.

  • Fully automatic straight edge polishing
  • Production speeds of 80 to 120 l/f per hour
  • No height restrictions for material being processed
  • 7 polishing heads enables processing in one pass
  • 2 bevellers to assist in perfect shaping of T profile
  • 6 radius motors allows for T profile with perfect rounded edges
  • The LCH 711 requires no human intervention to oversee the operation and allows the operator to do other jobs
  • Number of Polishing Motors: 7
  • Number of Beveling Motors: 2
  • Number of Radius polishing Motors: 6
  • Total Water Consumption: 15 gallons/minute
  • Total Power Requirement: 230v/3phase/60amps
  • Total Dimension of Machine: 10ft x 4ft x 4ft
  • Total Weight of Machine: 3,000lbs
  • Extension Tables: Standard 3ft in length
  • Working Speed: 150 Lineal feet per Hour
  • Maximum Abrasive Size: 6″ or 150mm
  • Minimum material size: 3 inches x 16 inches
  • Maximum material size: NO MAXIMUM
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