Machine Installations

From the moment your machine is installed until the day it is taken out of service, our highly experienced technicians will be there for you. Your technician will always be your first point of contact for troubleshooting questions or if problems arise. You will never have to experience the hassle of automated phones systems or worry about being passed from person to person. When you purchase a machine from Marmo Meccanica, not only are you getting an outstanding piece of equipment, but also the support of a team that is dedicated to making your machine perform at its best over the course of its life.

Long Term Support

We offer phone support for any machine carrying the Marmo Meccanica name.  We believe in providing quality customer service, which is why we never place time limits on support calls for our customers.  Since our machinery is built to stand the test of time, it is not uncommon for our technicians to provide service to Marmo machines that are 20 years old or older.

Due to age, certain components become discontinued by the manufacturer. In these situations, we offer in house component level repair for displays and PLCs. Parts compatibility between machine types and production year are excellent. Marmo Meccanica engineers strive to use proven designs and components to increase reliability and decrease maintenance costs.

Remote Support

Remote support is available for any CNC saw or machining center. From software troubleshooting to diagnosing machine faults, we can offer immediate assistance. We have found that most glitches with CNC equipment are caused by operator error.  Our remote support ensures that these errors are resolved quickly and with minor irritation.

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling our factory-trained technicians to perform preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure that your Marmo Meccanica machinery operates at peak performance.  Our technicians provide an in-depth report on the current condition of your machine and recommend repairs if they cannot be addressed during the time of their maintenance visit.  Additionally, our technicians will instruct your staff on performing the necessary maintenance if requested.

Call us now to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment!



Our highly skilled technicians are available to solve any problems you may be experiencing with your Marmo Meccanica machine.  From minor repairs to onsite rebuilds of equipment, our technicians are highly qualified and trained to address any machine issue you may be experiencing.

Please contact us at 248-853-9000 for quotation and scheduling.


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